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April 14, 2020

This feels so surreal, doesn't it?....like finding yourself in a disorienting time warp or floating, suspended in a strange and dangerous place of waiting, uncertainty, unknowing - kind of like finding yourself in the land of Oz.   Talk about VULNERABILITY!  But we can hold to this truth as our anchor -->like Dorothy, you're not alone. Let's lean on each other to find courage and resilience to get through this.

The coronavirus pandemic has crept into our lives, affecting each of us differently, yet no one is able to escape or avoid feeling some kind of profound impact.  Our "normal" lives have been put on pause, it seems.  For some, it has been inconvenient, challenging, stressful, sad or even horrifying dealing with our new reality.  Others have found the required slowdown as a break from the grind of life's gerbil wheel, offering a surprising opportunity to step away, rest, reflect, realign, and reset.  The go-getters among us see this time as ripe with the potential to be even more productive, creative, purposeful, "Finally! Time to complete that project!"  All those emotional perspectives are valid!

And each of us is doing our best to get through this unprecedented event with our physical health and emotional well-being safe and sound.  The strategies of collective sacrifice we are implementing, such as sheltering in place, are proving effective at protecting us from the virus but it can also take an emotional toll, as isolation deepens feelings of separation and loneliness.   We miss our lives, we miss our routines, we grieve our cherished stolen milestone moments, we long for stability, certainty, security, safety...and we want to know when this will END!  We truly are in this together until we come to a new place, a new way of being, when we emerge from this chapter and reflect on its imprint and meaning in our lives.

So while we are suspended here in this time together, I want to offer a few things I've run across in the last few weeks to support your emotional well-being on this challenging journey.  You will see a variety of links below that I invite you to explore whether you want to connect with comfort, creativity, grief, growth, or just space to FEEL and BE without "shoulds" and rules for how to do this right.  I hope you find something that helps you cope with this situation's lions, tigers and bears (oh my! Ugh, I promised I myself I wouldn't use that!) and maybe even brings you moments of joy and togetherness.

Feel free to pass this on to your friends and family who may find it supportive.  If you or someone you know is struggling to hold the weight of big emotions right now,  just know that that's OK because no one is really equipped for this.  Reaching out for support can be a big help - call me to set up a free video or phone consultation or find a telehealth therapist on the  Psychology Today directory.  Wishing you well on your way home.

Here for you,



Self-Compassion Meditation-

Check out this 5-minute self-compassion break audio recording by Kristin Neff.  Her research speaks to the practice of self-compassionate in response to stressful experience  as a powerful way to calm and reset.

Move Your Body-

When you're cooped up in the house and feel the need for gentle movement, the last thing you need is exercise that feels judgy.  I don't know about you but yoga, when you're not a super-bendy-yoga-class-regular, it can be a bit intimidating.  YouTube's Yoga with Adriene, with her quirky and approachable style may be just the ticket for the stress that may be lurking under your radar.  She's so good at reminding you to "find what feels good" and honor your needs.

Another option for movement is to simply connect to your favorite playlist of dance jams (admit it you have one) and dance like no one's watching.  Ask the fam or housemates to join your party!  Maybe a Dance-off?  If you're feelin' it you can post it to Tik Tok.  I don't know what that is either, but the kids seem to like it these days :) @drjcofthedc is all over the internet right now!

Need Some Good News?

Is it just me?  Or does it seem like we are constantly inundated with bad news right now on TV and in our social media feeds with the daily reminder of loss and fear.  We feel obligated to stay informed and updated, but spending hours spinning in the news and opinions is overwhelming to our nervous systems.  We end up feeling exhausted, drained, depressed, and maybe spinning in a loop of helplessness.  It's like you're stuck on one lousy channel.  I want to remind you to grab that remote (or smartphone/computer) and change that channel (and perspective!) to hear about good and hopeful stuff!  If like me, you're a fan of the TV series The Office, you already know and love Jim Halpert (actually, the actor's real name is John Krasinski) so you'll be happy to hear he recently started a good news YouTube show called Some Good News.  Sounds better already, right?  If you need some feel-good humor, give it a look!  Some Good News - just what we need!

Brighten your day with COLOR-

Break out those Crayons and give yourself/your kids/everyone a few moments of relaxing flow with these beautiful coloring pages from Adobe. My favorite is the one by Portland artist, Lisa Congdon.  Check out her work on Instragram @lisacongdon


You are not alone...you are loved...you matter. 

If you or someone you know is having a mental health crisis call the National Suicide Hotline at 800-273-8255, or contact your nearest emergency services or call Washington County Crisis 503 291-9111 or Multnomah Crisis at 503 988-4888. 

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